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Pair California Chardonnay with Summer Nights

Pair California Chardonnay with Summer Nights

Picture this - it’s been a long, hot day and you’ve finally decided to put your feet up. You’re cozied up on a patio chair and the sun is starting to tuck itself behind the trees giving some relief from the relentless summer heat. It’s time to settle in for a relaxing evening. But wait, something is missing from this picture-perfect moment. Oh yes, it’s a summer night's perfect companion - a chilled glass of California chardonnay. Whether you’re watching the sunset along a sandy stretch of beach, grilling up a delicious meal for an al fresco family dinner or reading a novel on the front porch on a breezy summer evening, California chardonnay is undoubtedly an easy choice for which wine to have alongside you.

Sure, there are plenty of wines that could pair with these moments, but we at Komo Cellars feel partial to a bottle of California chardonnay for many reasons. Chardonnay is a wonderfully versatile grape, so whether you’re craving something bright with delicate richness or are leaning towards something full-bodied and more pronounced, California chardonnay has you covered. With California’s vast array of regions and climates, there’s so much to explore.

A couple of regions in California that have become world-renowned for their chardonnay are the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County and Carneros in Napa Valley. These areas are known for being cool with much of the weather being dictated by the influences of the Pacific Ocean. These influences lend to grapes that don’t ripen the way that chardonnay grapes in warmer areas of California do. These grapes have a balanced acidity that comes through and is beautifully complimented by the oak aging that winemakers in California are known for when it comes to chardonnay. Wines from these regions of California are sometimes compared to the world-famous chardonnays of Burgundy, France. It makes sense with Burgundy also having a cooler climate and oceanic influences that come into play. It seems California is a natural home to the most widely planted white grape in the United States.

We can’t talk about California chardonnay without touching on its distinct qualities, like the buttery and creamy texture. That famous characteristic is created using a step called malolactic fermentation. This process takes the bright and zingy acids that are present in the grape juice and transforms them into creamier acids. The smooth and rich texture that California chardonnay drinkers love can be attributed to this very special step. That, along with the oak aging that’s become standard practice with this grape in California, turns the final product into a wine like no other. The balance of ripe fruit paired with these steps to create complexity and body results in a wine that’s perfect for sipping on its own or pairing with a delicious meal.

Speaking of a delicious meal, let’s pivot to something that is also crucial to everyone’s summer experience - food. Yet another reason that California chardonnay should be well stocked in your wine fridge. Chardonnay is a match made in heaven for so many iconic summer dishes. Summer evenings call for fresh salads with bright and punchy dressings, grilled sweet corn with a squeeze of lime, and lemony pastas with plenty of parmesan. Which wine has the acidity and richness to compliment these dishes? You guessed it. Whether you’re grilling chicken, fish, shrimp or one of your favorite veggies, California chardonnay will be the perfect pairing.

It’s almost as if California chardonnay and summer nights were made for each other. Luckily, as we head into the summer months, Komo Cellars has you covered. Check out our California Chardonnay 3 Pack here or peruse our larger selection of California White offerings here. Stock up now and cheers to a great summer ahead!

Written by Komo Cellars